TallyPrime Server

TallyPrime Server

TallyPrime Server is a must-have platform for businesses irrespective of the size of the organisation. It boosts the efficiency of TallyPrime by simultaneous multiple user interfacing. Preserving Data integrity across verticals, different office locations is a challenge in the current business scenario. TallyPrime Server affords multiple access points to single business platform, based on a secure, flexible and scalable model that augments processes.

Concurrency Multiple users

As an Enterprise class product for ‘server based’ tally data management, the TallyPrime Server has in-built features that enhances collaboration, while ensure secure access to the users across multiple platforms

Security Controlled access to data files

The other top features that make it a favourite for big and small businesses, include greater degree of control, flexibility and customisation, ease of installation and quick implementation across the organisation.

High-Reliability Zero downtime

TallyPrime Server helps drastically cut down the processing time for critical functions and the zero-downtime facet of this product enables reliable and concurrent live user usage across the firm. Thus, speed, efficiency goes up and overall productivity of the firm shoots up by leaps and bounds.

Process Optimisation-Analyse work patterns and manage users

Process optimisation produces direct benefits in terms of growth in overall productivity and the indirect advantage of reduction of waste of resources and manpower. Tally Server 9 solves concurrency issues as multiple users work parallelly