Domestic & Internaltional Taxation

Domestic & Internaltional Taxation

With increasing complexity in the tax laws around the world, it has become essential for businesses as well as individuals to not only ensure that their tax policies and positions are in compliance with the law, but also to make sure that they stand up to public scrutiny. There are new concepts of taxation evolving, like GAAR, POEM, BEPS, which have to be considered while advising.

We, at ASAP Advisors, consider tax strategy as an integral part of the overall business strategy and focus on ensuring that the tax function supports the larger approach to business. We constantly keep abreast of the changing landscape of taxation both within India and foreign jurisdictions. This enables us to provide currently relevant and appropriate structures which are tax compliant.

We advise our clients on major developments in taxation regimes occurring periodically and their effect on business. We provide effective processes to improve day-to-day reporting thereby reducing attribution errors, reducing costs and ensuring taxes are handled correctly.

We understand the law and focus on preparatory compliance through extensive documentation. Litigation and compliance disputes are potential risk areas. We help clients to reduce this threat through complete, accurate and exhaustive submissions to the authorities. Our representations and submissions ensure that clients avoid or cut down on litigation. We simplify core issues.

We have represented our clients at all stages of proceedings and quite often than not the cases involve complex and challenging issues. Our expertise has been built out of decades of combined experience and each matter is handled carefully and by paying attention in detail and we take pride in our diligent preparation. Before judicial authorities, our clients are well defended as we are backed by a talented and dedicated support staff. We have briefed and engaged and also routinely consult some of the most respected tax counsels and specialists in India.

We have represented clients’ complex and challenging cases and have ensured our best services through all stages of proceedings. We diligently prepare for each case. Our advice on each matter is handled with absolute care and attention is given to minute details. Our clients have always been well defended before the judiciary owing to our extremely enabled staff.

A crucial aspect of doing business in India is corporate taxation and regulatory compliances are increasingly complex and ever-changing. It is crucial to understand the developments in regulatory and tax requirements, their impact on business and using them strategically to the advantage of the client. Keeping pace with new compliances and meeting them becomes a daunting task for most businesses. In a highly competitive landscape, aligning tax strategy with business strategy is a critical part of optimizing profit margins.

At ASAP Advisors, we understand that effective tax planning for enterprises requires both technical resources and in-depth knowledge of each client’s unique financial situation. Our network of experienced tax professionals can assist in resolving various tax challenges to business and keeping abreast with tax regulations. Our professionals bring innovative and insightful approaches to a variety of intricate tax issues. Backed by the knowledge and resources of our extensive research, ASAP Advisors delivers comprehensive tax advisory services designed specifically to meet the client’s needs.

Our services span the full spectrum of tax planning, compliance, and advisory, helping clients keep up with the tax laws and other regulatory changes. Our methods are both immersive and holistic; and everything is approached with awareness of the total tax and financial position.

Over the last decade, Transfer Pricing has evolved into one of the most challenging task faced by tax professionals. With its potential to have a significant impact on the effective tax rate, businesses must pay close attention to their transfer pricing policies, documentation, and reporting. With the onset of domestic transfer pricing, these issues are not limited to multinational enterprises alone, but impact businesses in the domestic space as well. The developments on the policy front, including the prescription of safe harbour norms and the introduction of the Advance Pricing Regime, have the potential to help businesses bring more certainty to their transfer pricing matters.

ASAP Advisors Transfer Pricing Practice, consisting of Partners & Managers who specialize in the subject, handle complex advisory and structuring assignments that mandate coverage of multiple Tax Jurisdictions across the world. We provide a range of planning, compliance and benchmarking services. We work with our clients to develop transfer pricing policies that are defensible, flexible and in line with their overall tax planning strategies.

Transfer Pricing Planning

Transfer Pricing Study Report

Benchmarking Analysis

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Litigation support

The Double Tax Avoidance Agreements (DTAA) are essentially bilateral agreements entered into between two countries, in our case, between India and another foreign state. We facilitate our clients in DTAA Advisory to avoid double taxation based on the nature of Income and Expenditure, in both the countries (i.e. Double Taxation of the same income) and withholding tax issues and other compliance. We carry out certification work for various types of remittances, which have to be evaluated on the basis of the remittance and the country of remittance